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Moving a loved one to an assisted living facility can be a stressful process. It’s never as simple as you’d like. That’s because, much more than the physical items to move, you’re also contending with high anxiety and overwhelming emotions. How do you cope? Turn to the experts at Home Transition Pros. Sure, we can sort out all the logistics of downsizing and moving, but much more importantly: we’ll help you navigate the impact such a transition has on yourself and your family.

Because it’s more than a move.

We all get older. Recognizing the need to move into assisted living is an important first step, but it doesn’t end there. Whether the new home is nearby or far, you remain one of the primary caregivers who is responsible for all aspects of your senior’s transition to their new environment.

At Home Transition Pros, we help with:

  • Selecting an appropriate facility
  • Scheduling a move-in date
  •  Choosing which items to bring
  • Dispersing items no longer needed
  • Packing, unpacking, and setting-up a new home
  • Selling an old house
  • Adjusting to the new environment

If you are moving a loved one into an assisted living situation, a Senior Move Manager will be an indispensable member of your team. Trained to assist with the most delicate situations, these professionals adhere to a strict code of ethics and anticipate the needs of seniors during complex transitions. As your older adult transitions to a new home and adjusts to the new surroundings, our primary goal is the safety, health, and peace-of-mind of your entire family. That’s why it’s so important to first establish a familiar environment for the older adult. By creating this comforting atmosphere, you can start to reduce the stress and fatigue that such a move will naturally create. We can help.

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